Grand Design

The most fundamental question I encounter in my life is the requirement (or rather just the virtue of existence) of a concious entity in this universe. Why was there a need for a concious entity to exist? Was it not possible for the universe to be just mass and energy without the “seemingly”  concious creatures (which colloquially we might call living)? This Blog is primarily a small documentation of my thoughts and a contemplative springboard towards this question. Universe is Indeed a Brilliant Grand Design. Its conspicuously towering grandiose makes me feel that humans are very palpably puny. However in such a vast extent of mass and energy we manage to exist as concious entities.

The universe is about 14 billion light years (which works out to be 10^26 m).The smallest distance probed in particle experiments is about 10^-18 m. Now the “mean” distance between the largest and smallest limits of distances is 10km. Which is approximately the mean distance every human commutes everyday. Multiply this distance with 10^22 and you have the current radius of universe and divide it with 10^22 and you get the current smallest scale limit of distance in human history. It may be of some satisfaction to know that a nice familiar distance like 10 km (6 miles) lies somewhere midway. Isn’t this symmetry strikingly baffling..!!

I plan to investigate, question, contemplate – in short explore- the conciousness and our position in this universe. Philosophers since ages have tried to answer this question (I’m certainly not doing anything new); yet there hasn’t been a convincing explanation. But my wisdom tells me that, Its the journey, and not the final accomplishment, that reveals the true essence of joy in any quest. And yes, always remember that, common sense is a poor guide to new realms of knowledge.

Good luck.


Are You Dissatisfied?

Randomly contemplating the other day, I stumbled upon few thoughts which I decided to pen down.

I look around in the world and observe few peculiar traits about human society and psyche which baffle me. I’d like to present an account of psychoanalysis that I’ve drawn while deliberating on the topic Dissatisfactions in Human beings.

Ask yourself; would you want all your dissatisfactions to be satisfied or gone? At the first look, the answer seems more than obvious. Now close your eyes and visualise a world with EVERYONE satisfied upto the brim and not a single querulous being. A very languid visual, isn’t it?! I suppose you must have already got the essence/notion of the nuance I’m about to delineate.

As “A man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress” ; the dissatisfaction of a man is the wellspring of improvisation. Think carefully (make no mistake); what is motivating most of the people today? People may call that source to mean different things but finally everything traces back down imperatively to dissatisfactions. Everybody since the very inception of human race have been trying to better their corresponding present. This basic instinct of humans evoked by contemporary dissatisfactions has raised the humanity to where it rests today.

I firmly believe that “Dissatisfaction is no vice.” Let us try and prove it by Reuctio Ad Absurdum (Latin  for “reduction to absurdity”- a famous mathematical model for proving anything). Let us assume that we are living in a Utopian society and there are no dissatisfactions among people. The fundamental driving force that fuels the mechanics and dynamism of human society is lacking. There’s nothing to motivate the people to WORK. The society won’t exist since it is not able to self sustain and hence would collapse. YES. Lets face it..!!

At the very second step of the argument we stand handicapped. Don’t get me wrong; I totally acknowledge the darker side and bleak implications of dissatisfactions; however I’m emphasising on vitality of dismay using positive connotations.

Dire consequences as we all understand, arise from uncontrolled (random) instincts totally governed by probabilities. Similar is the case with dissatisfaction as well;whose exploitation may prove catastrophic at times. But then, humanity has seen ample sacrifices for sustenance and progress . This is the crux of all philosophy. It is on the graves of those sacrifices that we tread. Dissatisfactions have always existed and will continue to exist as long as humans. Who is taking the risk of its existence?… Is it Atlas …or something beyond our understanding? Let us just hope that Atlas never shrugs.

Anyway, feel proud about your dissatisfactions; value them and overcome. You are on the fringes of the human progress. Always look at the brighter side of life when you’re bearing the torch.

P.S.- Still, you are never going to be as dissatisfied as this turtle in the picture…!! 🙂 🙂

Man On Wire

“To me its really…its so simple.. that life should be lived on the edge of life…you have to exercise rebellion…to refuse to taper yourself to rules, to refuse your own success…to refuse to repeat yourself to see everyday, every year , every idea as a true challenge..and then you are going to live your life on the tightrope.” Philippe Petit ends this absolutely spellbinding documentary with prime and a profound sweetness of its theme.
It’s a documentary about a man’s pursuit of his dream to walk on a tight rope between the World Trade Centre towers. The story and characters are compelling enough on their own. It enables the viewers to feel the actual burning desire for the accomplishment of a long lived, long nurtured passion and doing what your heart says and believing in yourself.

The protagonist (man on wire himself) of this documentary just steals the show and keeps you awed throughout, by his unwavering spirit and faith in himself that underscores a sense of trivial-ness for tightrope walking between the towers of WTC.

This movie owned me when I saw it. Look, the movie says: Where so many would fall, a man walks on air. As a matter of fact that its a true story, it achieves the state of magnificence. More than a story of bravery and courage its more a story of reliving and giving way to your passion. More than a story of achievement it is the story of a dreamer striving to watch his dream get real. And now I plan to watch this documentary again, from time to time, to remind myself how to dream…!! 

12 Angry Men

A  youth is on trial for murder, accused of knifing his father to death. The twelve jurors retire to the jury room, having been admonished that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The word  “SUPPOSE”  seems to drive this entire movie very strongly.

A single man with his ultimate conviction about the “discussion” before a decision/sentence as it comes like this: “Well, when there are 11 votes for guilty it is not so easy for me to raise my hand and send off that boy to die without talking about it first” (which is very well conveyed through the depth in the eyes of juror #7 if you take a close look at them during the movie) makes up the baseline of this courtroom drama and makes this movie worth watching.

Fitting the entire cast and shooting the entire movie in a single room does not seem to be an easy task at all. Nevertheless prodigious “acting” and an impactful script make this movie a great success.

This movie very implicitly appeals to the audience to drop their pre conceived notions about people/events/things before judging them and lifting up the shroud of ignorance.

The most magnificent part of the entire film, which continues throughout, is the neutrality of the “single opposing gentleman” (juror #7) and his *never-ending rationale* with a confidence of morality.

The entire cast portrays phenomenal grit and exquisite natural-ness in their acting (roles).

A take home lesson, of questioning and doubting every little bit/piece of fact/information/judgement, to its very basic fundamentals (which also includes doubting yourself for mistakes as a possibility of human folly) is very directly confronted all the while, which can be regarded as the core of the theme itself. The movie tries to very sweetly whisper to the viewers that “All the pictures of life are’nt *black and white* always…!!”

The movie doesn’t cease to surprise you with incredible logic sequences and twisty turns in the storyline every 5 minutes (I literally MEAN ..every “5 mins”) with an *extremely powerful* script.

The frequent use of “gotta get outta here” since the very beginning suggests the very poignant idea/attitude of the majority masses (even today) of “who cares” and a sense of carelessness.

A beautiful capturing of the hesitation and screenplay of the “gentlemen” while raising their hands to vote before the jury discussion proves to be profound at the end.

A very subtle difference between cause and consequence during this meaningful debate brimming with rationale and virtue of humanity ,brings and potentially add to the beauty of the movie.

The rage within these “12 angry men” is well sculptured in the latter half of the movie.

A slowly creeping sense of responsibility which develops in the jury members won’t fail to touch the viewers.

Any way I would’nt forget to make a note of very very artistic as well as a realistic display of setting of the jury room which suggests “the hottest day in summer” with a fan which is not working (probably adding to the heat of the discussion 😉 )

Pointing out a few lacunae in the movie; the script and the movie as overall could have included a slightly stronger counterpart to the “not guilty” verdict and better rebuttals to make the opposition more interesting and a little more REAL.

Otherwise I could hardly find any flaws in this phenomenal piece of art and an unbelievably strong cinematography.

I bet that the E.P.I.C. end of the movie would captivate your hearts and minds and probably even your souls -(just exaggerating to magnify the grandeur)-and give you a moment of ecstasy with a load of wisdom (I promise)..!!


I choose to write such philosophical pep talks so as to be able to read my own thoughts lucidly, subsequently fulfilling my prime goal, of gazing at life-and-living, most closely. So get ready to dive deep into the depths of your mind.

Robert Frost once said “In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life: “It Goes On. In my humble opinion it is obligatory to extend this definition (in 21st century). Life is apparently a pristine jugglery of these three acts viz.

“Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.

Ones failing to abide by this indispensable dictum are somehow swayed by the rogue ripples of life sooner or later.

Apart from being a precept, this philosophy of living is an adage of fighters. This is a maxim meant for men of steel, folks! Its implementation would call for extreme prudence, self discipline and grit. Let’s deliberate, or rather, elucidate upon this approach towards life.


Improvisation is the basic essence of life. Improvisation is the INHERENT nature of the universe. On a more objective and personal ground, I WOULD choose to call it a sustained, conscious effort to better your own self and your surroundings.

Look around..!! Every single sight that your vision beholds is a result of improvisation. Right from the human species itself to the tangible advancements of our civilisation; the whole spectrum is a result of multiple improvisations. Human society exists on a pedestal which has been remodelled, ever since its inception and IS still continuously evolving. Surprisingly enough, every phenomenon in the nature tries to improvise. All living organisms are a result of a chronological array of improvisations included into a monolithic fudge factor called “evolution and natural selection”. Even financial markets try to improvise. Why do electrons come down to the most stable state? Why is a cone or a cylinder more likely to stay in its stable equilibrium? Why does stock market stabilize? Why is there a fall of dynasty or a government? Answer doesn’t just lie in the realm of physics, chemistry, macroeconomics or history. The Crux of these answers stays etched in the philosophy of “Improvisation”.

The moot point here being, every individual must always strive towards improvising one’s OWN self, decisions, actions and above all- humanity.


Instead of listing a wide range of citations for establishing how crucial adaptation is; let me ruminate over its applicability and efficacy towards a successful lifestyle.

Life is a game of accepting and avoiding certain adaptations. There are basically innate and acquired tendencies, according to me. It is this specific set of acquired adaptations, which lends an individual, The winning edge.

Today we are accustomed to following the “rules”. Break the rules (not the law). We have so many conventions in life about everything. I say avoid THIS adaptation and carve your own path. It is difficult to be a maverick or a true genius if you’re highly Entwined in the traditional fabric of society. Build your own niche and Adapt to it. Accept the failures and then improvise. Never fear them.

Adapt to being knocked out by life. Let me tell you something you might already know. The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Always remember; tough times never last but tough people do. It’s all about how much you can get adapted take and still move forward. That’s how winning is done. You’ve got to be prepared mentally that life is going to knock YOU out, so you better be willing to take it (instead of looking at it as a failure or some sad demise). You must go out there and get what you’re worth. That’s the fighters’ call.


Overcoming is the most crucial part of this axiom like a prestige (which is the final revelation) of any magic trick. It is conquering the difficulties after adapting and improvising. Overcoming is winning; which is done best, by an optimistic outlook. Muhammad Ali before entering the ring told himself “I’m the greatest, I’m the champion”. So before he became a champion inside the ring, he became a champion outside.

Equally important is perseverance. Unless you’re willing to sincerely work hard towards overcoming the crisis, you cannot TIDE OVER it.

My favourite and the best pole vaulter of the world Yelena Isinbayeva was once asked “How do you manage to break your own world record or for that matter even cross such a high bar”… her terse reply encompasses the entire philosophy of overcoming. She said “I throw my heart over the bar… and my body follows!

Success is never final and failure is never fatal. SOAR AND ROAR.